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Bahara Doğru Tazelenme Ritüelleri

Refreshing Rituals Before Spring

Since the dark mornings and cloudy weather seem to be dispersing, it's time for a spring cleaning in your soul and body!

Some ecoles of astrology discuss the memory of hair and how emotional burdens accumulate in the hair. Of course, you don't have to be so spiritual to refresh yourself for the spring months. For a cutting experience involving the analysis of facial and head anatomy, our first recommendation for this season is the Luce Hair Cutting Ritual. After the cut, effortless spring beauty awaits you with the drying and styling tips our expert will provide.

If you're facing dry or dull skin after the cold winter, you can pamper and revitalize your skin with the Luce Skin Ritual, which involves massage and herbal ingredients. If you're in need of intense rejuvenation from the inside out, we recommend combining the 120-minute Luce Cleaning and Healing Ritual with the Hair Cut Ritual. Et voilà, we bid farewell to a new version of you from Luce Studio and welcome you to the warm days ahead.


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