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Neden Organik ve Vegan Ürünler?

Why Organic and Vegan Products?

We operate with the consciousness of transforming what we take from the earth with love, a feeling of gratitude that anyone who has ever touched the soil would understand. Because we believe that true healing begins with healing others first. Developing our products with plants grown in soil warmed by the sun, saturated with the taste of rainwater, without testing on animals, is indeed a process that affects the product development timeline and costs, but it gives us the power to produce without betraying nature. Providing your hair and skin with vitamins and minerals synthesized through the fusion of sunlight, soil, wind, and water forms the basis of our motivation for organic production. Since the products we apply to our skin are absorbed into our system, we must select skincare products with the same care we choose for what we eat and drink. Chemical products may temporarily provide the desired results by creating changes in hair and skin texture upon initial use, but we should consider the long-term effects behind this illusion. Therefore, we prefer organic and vegan production, striving to sustain our production without betraying nature. We invite you to evaluate your product choices to benefit both your body's nature and universal integrity. 


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